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Welcome to the new website of BayCraft!

What makes BayCraft unique?

We're a 100% vanilla Minecraft server. Instead of using Bukkit, Spigot, or something of the like, we use redstone and command blocks! There are a few other vanilla servers out there, but they allow griefing, raiding, betrayal, etc. We aim to be a more friendly community, which is why griefing and raiding are disallowed!


I'm off the spawn island, why can't I build?

There is a protective radius of 100 going around the spawn island. It puts you into adventure mode, which stops you from breaking and placing. You need to go out farther in order to build!


I'm new to Minecraft, so what is griefing?

Griefing has many definitions, but the most common one is altering someone else's build without their permission. While you may have good intentions, the owner may not want it. We usually won't get upset over a "friendly grief" (trying to help them), but if you are trying to destroy the house, or spamming blocks everywhere, then "The Ban Hammer" will have to come out!


Who are the staff?

At the moment, the only staff are:


Can I be staff?

Please do not ask to be staff! It will not help your case, and will likely lead to you being denied becoming staff! If we believe that you will make a good staff member, we (the server administration) will ask you to fill out an application.